Eat For Life

Taking Control of your Health!

Eating for Life means many different things.

For some, it means that the way you eat has a huge impact on the environment and by reducing our consumption of meat and dairy products we reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and reduce the amount of resources used in the production of that meat which is enormous. Eating more vegetables and less meat makes life better for everyone on the planet.

By reducing our consumption of meat products we reduce the number of animals that must be slaughtered each year to provide for the voracious appetite that the world has for meat. Eating more vegetables and less meat means life for animals.
Do we need meat and dairy products to live and abundant life? Not at all, as a matter of fact, you will actually be healthier by removing those products from your diet, which means a better life for YOU!

One of the areas that many times we just take for granted is our health.
When we are young,your parents generally take care of you, provide food for you, make sure you go to the doctor and put a bandaid on your boo boos. You play with other kids on the block and just kind of enjoy life. You don’t think much about what you eat, but are generally interested in when the next time you will eat.

We learn about the four food groups in school and generally ignore them and eat what taste good to us. Even if you end up in the hospital with some illness you don’t generally link that illness to anything you have eaten, unless of course you found some toxic substance under the kitchen sink.

As long as you are generally healthy, it is just not a subject you give much thought. At least that is the way it was for me.

I have been generally healthy most of my life. I have had some colds, the occaisional flu or sinus infection along with the normal aches and pains in life that I have just attributed to getting older. I have eaten whatever sounded good and gave me that comfortable feeling that comes along with eating things like chocolate or a nice cheezy pizza.

In January 2009 I went to get my less than annual physical because that is what you are supposed to do after you turn 50 and since my mother died at age 69 with colon/liver cancer, maybe I should at least get a physical.

As I suspected, all was well. All that was left to get back were my lab results and I would be good for another year (or two or three).

The lab results came back and my cholesterol was high and they were considering putting me on some medicine to keep that under control and I had a very high PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen). I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but It at least meant I had to go back to the doctor for some more test. Of course with the wonderful world of Google and the internet, it didn’t take long for me to find out that a high PSA was a possible indicator of CANCER! That is all it took for me to go into a tailspin. There are several possible reasons for a high PSA, but all I could focus on was the possibility that I might have Prostate Cancer! If you have ever had this experience, you know what I mean. Your mind is totally preoccupied with the possibility. No matter what you do, it is on your mind until you get the additional tests to confirm one way or the other whether the initial indicator was true or false.

I’ll spare you the details, but in my case it was confirmed. I had cancer!
I scheduled a radiacal prostatectomy. In short, they wanted to remove my prostate. I scheduled it for the later part of the summer in 2009. After scheduling it, and thinking that was my only option, a young lady in the Sunday School I was teaching at the time, asked a very simple question. Have I given any thought to a more holistic approach?
I wasn’t even sure what that really meant, but I would at least check it out. So for two months I began to talk to people and do some research on my own and read a number of books and discovered that the body could heal itself even of cancer. The thought of this seemed strange, but I had seen my own body heal itself when cut, why could it not heal itself of disease?

Actually it can. If the body receives the proper nutrition, it can in fact heal itself. So I began to understand what the proper nutrition was and had to make the decision that I was going to turn this over to God and trust him to show me what I needed to do?

Was I willing to make the change that was required of me? This is ultimately the question everyone has to ask themselves. Am I going to continue to do things my way or God’s way?
I know for some, you are thinking, “God doesn’t care what I eat?” But I would disagree. I will not tell you that eating one food and not eating another is some kind of sin, but I will say that our bodies were wonderfully made by God and there was a design as to how they should be fueled for maximum performance. Eating twinkies and all the McDonalds hamburgers you can stuff in your face is not it! If you continue to eat like the world eats, you will get the diseases that the world gets.

How am I doing you ask? I am doing fine. Will I die of cancer some day? Maybe. But it is just as likely that I will die of a car wreck or some natural disaster. It is true, we are all going to die, but God has led me down a path to help me understand that I was not living the way he had intended. I have make a conscious decision that I was not only going to turn my spiritual side over to him, but the physical as well. Instead of living to eat, I choose to live to serve Him and eat for health.

One way I can serve Him is to help others see that the things you eat have a huge impact on the life you live. Not everyone will accept it unfortunately and they will die prematurely of heart disease, complications due to diabetes, cancer and a number of other diseases that we were never meant to have. But it is my goal to help those who prefer to serve Him and Eat For Life!


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